America hydraulic connector JIC (37° Flare) The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifies a 37° angle flare or seat be used with high pressure hydraulic tubing. These are commonly called JIC couplings. The JIC 37° flare male will mate with a JIC female only.* The JIC male has straight threads and a 37° flare seat. The JIC female has straight threads and a 37° flare seat. The seal is made on the 37° flare seat. Some sizes have the same threads as the SAE 45° flare. Carefully measure the seat angle to differentiate.


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Product Description

America hydraulic connector 1JN9-L 90°JIC male 37°cone/long NPT male

we supply hydraulic connectors not only standard but also comply with customers drawings.we devoted ourselves covering most of Europe and the Americas market.These hydraulic fitting Products are widely used in construction machinery,automotive manufacturing,industrial pipelines,ships,energy,national defense,automation and other fields.

Taper thread fittings intructions:

1.      The hydraulic connected thread has three types:NPT,NPTF and BSPT.

2.      NPT,BSPT threads should be assembled with sealant.NPTF is metal to metal seal,but use sealant also.Sealants are available in various forms such as Teflon tape,paste and anaerobic gule etc.

3.      Teflon tape,paste etc.,if applied improperly,they will pollute the oil of the hydraulic system,even jam the system.

4.      The seal of the small thread is better than large.In general the seal of less than 3/4”are good.

5.      The connect will compact when the taper thread for straight fitting,if for eblow or tee or cross fittings,the assemble angle is difficult to contron,so sugguest that the adjustable stud end fittings should be used,for example ISO6149,ISO11926 etc..


1.      Inspect port and connection to ensure that threads on both are free of dirt,burrs and excessive nicks.

2.      Apply sealant to male pipe threads.With any sealant,the first and second threads should be uncovered the avoid system contamination.If Teflon tape is used it should be wrapped 1.1/2 to 2 turns in clockwise direction when viewed from the pipe thread end.

3.      Firs tighten the fitting with hand,then tighten with a wrench 1.1/2 th 3 turns. In general,the small fitting is tighten about 2.5 turn and the large fitting is tighten about 2 turns.


The taper thread fitting can be reassembled. When reassembled,check if sealant has worn thin.

Leakage reason

1.      There is no sealant used or sealant has worn thin.

2.      Threads are galled.

3.      Fitting screws in too far into the port.

E F A B S1
1JN9-04-02L 7/16"X20 Z1/8"X27 24.5 30 11
1JN9-04L 7/16"X20 Z1/4"X18 26.6 40.1 14
1JN9-05-02L 1/2"X20 Z1/8"X27 26.6 31 14
1JN9-05-04L 1/2"X20 Z1/4"X18 26.6 40.1 14
1JN9-06-04L 9/16"X18 Z1/4"X18 26.9 40.1 14
1JN9-06-08L 9/16"X18 Z1/2"X14 32 55.1 22
1JN9-08-06L 3/4"X16 Z3/8"X18 32 46.2 19
1JN9-08L 3/4"X16 Z1/2"X14 34.8 55.1 22
1JN9-10-08L 7/8"X14 Z1/2"X14 37.8 55.1 22
1JN9-12-08L 1.1/16"X12 Z1/2"X14 44.2 56.9 27
1JN9-12L 1.1/16"X12 Z3/4"X14 44.2 62 27
1JN9-16-12L 1.5/16"X12 Z3/4"X14 49 69.9 33
1JN9-16L 1.5/16"X12 Z1"X11.5 49 76.5 33
1JN9-20L 1.5/8"X12 Z1.1/4"X11.5 55.5 93.7 41
1JN9-24L 1.7/8"X12 Z1.1/2"X11.5 62.5 104.1 48
1JN9-32L 2.1/2"X12 Z2"X11.5 78 122.2 63

Note: Nut and sleeve should be ordered speparately. The nut NB200 and sleeve NB500 is suitable for metric tube,the nut NB200 and sleeve NB300 is suitable for inch tube.

Product Details

High quality hydraulic fitting can satisfy your different needs with its special quality and features.
1.high quality Zinc plated,Zn-Ni plated,Cr3,Cr6 plated.
2.high precision.all edges without burrs,brake sharp edges.
3.competitive price.
4. MOQ:300PCS
5. Material: iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, other metals
6.Standard / specification: Standard or as per drawing and samples (OEM)
7. Size: as per customers' requests


Customized service: We are specialized in all kinds of hydraulic hose fittings,adaptors,ferrules,flanges,fitting accessories.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

1.    Delivery:As general,we can guarantee the delivery within one month.

2.    Port of loading: Ningbo or Shanghai

3.    Samples Fee: We can offord the samples fee.

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