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  • In the case of loading, due to the high sound sound of the pump itself, check whether the hydraulic pump should be performed under vacuum. The inspection method is to start the pump under the empty load, open the overflow valve, so that all traffic will return to the fuel tank directly. If there is no steam erosion, there is no sound of the pump at this time. If a steam erosion occurs, the pump will emit a sound of bearing loose.


  • The hydraulic power component is the power source of the hydraulic system, which is an indispensable core component of the system. The hydraulic system provides a pressure oil to the system as a power component as a power component, and the hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy of the original motion (motor or internal combustion engine) into the working liquid, is an energy conversion device.


  • Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic system to transfer energy work media its effect in seven aspects: 1: transfer energy and signal; 2: Cool; 3: Rust 4: hydraulic components, reduce friction and wear; 5: Seal 6: Cleaning 7: damping.


  • Hydraulic electric pump noise is due to the phenomenon of suction, so the hydraulic electric pump creates noise similar to air hit by the oil fluid oscillates, so that the reason for hydraulic electric pump noise is due to the components inside the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic electric pump.


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