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  • Disadvantages of hydraulic transmission: Hydraulic transmissions have the following disadvantages compared to other drives. (1) Strict gear ratio cannot be guaranteed due to leakage and liquid compressibility. (2) Hydraulic transmissions are more sensitive to changes in oil temperature, and should not work at very high and low temperatures. (3) Due to leakage, it is easy to pollute the surrounding environment.


  • The hydraulic pump (hydraulic jack) uses the characteristics of hydraulic transmission during use Compared with other transmissions, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:


  • The torque of a hydraulic wrench does not start from 0, it is also determined by a special pump for a hydraulic wrench. Because the hydraulic wrench pump is a two-stage pump or a three-stage pump, whether it is a gear pump or a plunger pump at low pressure and large flow, the overflow is large, the pressure is unstable, and the output torque of the wrench is also unstable. Accurate torque measurement starts from the second stage, the second stage flow is much smaller than the low pressure flow, there is no overflow, stable, the torque can be accurately controlled.


  • When we use the hydraulic wrench, in order to better get the power source, reduce the resistance of the work, generally calculate the actual output torque of the hydraulic wrench to achieve the best applicable effect, then how to set the torque of the hydraulic wrench? Next, give you a simple introduction to the importance of hydraulic wrench torque control!


  • A hydraulic bolt tensioner that can quickly fasten and disassemble, involves a bolt detachable device including a ring nut, a cylinder, a piston, a connection nut, a support bridge, a ring, a lever; connect nut The set has a piston, the outer diameter of the piston.


  • There are many hydraulic components on the construction machine, and sufficient hydraulic oil is needed. When the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced due to the expansion of the use time, someone mistakenly believes that only the oil in the hydraulic tank is light, filled with new hydraulic oil.