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Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump Maintenance Precautions

Electric hydraulic oil pump maintenance precautions

1. Electric hydraulic oil pump uses an oil.
2. the oil storage capacity must be within the range above the windows.
3. Each time it refuels and change oil, it is necessary to filter with 80 mesh oil filter and wash the fuel tank when replacing. The oil exchange period is six months.
4. electric hydraulic working oil temperature 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.
5. When the electric pump is started, the air-up nut is needed, and the switch is turned on placed in the unloading position.
6. In the process of use, it is found that the motor temperature is too high and should be stopped. After cooling it yourself.
7.the pumping factory has been adjusted, and it is not necessary to re-adjust it, it is necessary to carry out the pressure gauge.
8. The high pressure tubing is factory adopted and has been tested by 105 MPa. However, since the hose is easily aging, the user needs to be examined frequently, generally for six months, frequently used for three months, 87.5MPa test, if there is damage, projection, leakage, and cannot be used.
9. Electric hydraulic bearing is generally cleaned once, and the grease is required to be added when assembled.