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Observe the Working State of the Hydraulic Jack System

The method of fault diagnosis of hydraulic jacks is: amenities, logic analysis, special instrument detection, state monitoring, etc.
1) Observe the working state of the hydraulic jack system, usually six: a look at the speed, that is, see the speed of the implementation element changes; two pressure, that is, the pressure of each test point of the hydraulic system has no fluctuations; three view oil It is observed whether the oil is cleaned, whether it is deteriorated, and the oil volume meets the requirements, whether the viscosity of the oil is required to have a foam without the surface, and the four leaks, that is, it is to see if the hydraulic system is leaking, leakage and the phenomenon See the product, that is, judge the working condition of the moving mechanism from the processed product, observe the stability of system pressure and flow.