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Quick Fastening And Removal Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

A hydraulic bolt tensioner that can quickly fasten and disassemble, involves a bolt detachable device including a ring nut, a cylinder, a piston, a connection nut, a support bridge, a ring, a lever; connect nut The set has a piston, the outer diameter of the piston.
The cylinder is equipped with a cylinder that is screwed through the upper portion of the connection nut, and the lower portion of the connecting nut is connected to the support bridge, the upper end of the support bridge connects the cylinder, the lower end is connected to the ring, the support bridge is set in the ring The radial horizontal connection of the ring loop.
There is a lever; a high-pressure hose is connected to a hydraulic pump and a stretching cylinder. The hydraulic bolt stretcher uses the hydraulic power source provided by the hydraulic pump to use the axial tension directly draw bolt, no twisting force, and lateral force, and connect The contact surface has no friction damage, protects the main equipment. Reduce the work of the workers.