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Hydraulic Wrench Torque

When we use the hydraulic wrench, in order to better get the power source, reduce the resistance of the work, generally calculate the actual output torque of the hydraulic wrench to achieve the best applicable effect, then how to set the torque of the hydraulic wrench? Next, give you a simple introduction to the importance of hydraulic wrench torque control!
The torque of the hydraulic wrench is determined by the hydraulic wrench, the larger the wrench, the larger the cylinder area, the longer the force arm, the greater the output torque. For each wrench, the output torque is determined by the working pressure of the hydraulic wrench pump. Hydraulic wrench pump work pressure is 0-70 MPa, and there is no adjustable adjustable within this range, each pressure corresponds to different torque. Each type of hydraulic wrench has a separate pressure torque control table, which can know the output torque of different pressures.