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Hydraulic Oil Replacement

There are many hydraulic components on the construction machine, and sufficient hydraulic oil is needed. When the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced due to the expansion of the use time, someone mistakenly believes that only the oil in the hydraulic tank is light, filled with new hydraulic oil. However, there are still many old hydraulic oils in the hydraulic oil pipe and hydraulic valve, and the new old oil mixing will speed up the speed of the new oil during use.

The correct change step should first remove the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, and clean the clean oil tank, add the new hydraulic oil, and then remove the long-term line of the loop. After starting the engine, the oil pump is operated, and the organism will be operated, and the hydraulic oil will be held. The old oil in the loop is discharged, until the backlare general has a new oil flow out, finally, connect the oil container with the tank to supplement the new hydraulic oil into the specified position.