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Hydraulic oil is embodied in seven aspects

Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic system to transfer energy work media its effect in seven aspects: 1: transfer energy and signal; 2: Cool; 3: Rust 4: hydraulic components, reduce friction and wear; 5: Seal 6: Cleaning 7: damping.
Whether the hydraulic system can work effectively and reliably, depending on the performance of hydraulic oil to some extent. The effect of hydraulic oil on the hydraulic system is as important as blood. Therefore, reasonable choice, use, maintenance, and storage hydraulic oil are key issues related to the reliability, durability and working performance of hydraulic equipment, and it is also a powerful measures to reduce hydraulic equipment failure. Therefore, the various theoretical properties of hydraulic oil must be correctly grasped, and hydraulic oil is reasonably used, thereby reducing the malfunction of hydraulic systems.