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Why does the hydraulic electric pump present a severe noise during homework?

Hydraulic electric pump noise is due to the phenomenon of suction, so the hydraulic electric pump creates noise similar to air hit by the oil fluid oscillates, so that the reason for hydraulic electric pump noise is due to the components inside the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic electric pump. Or wear, or aging, or strain, then on the exit, a relatively large sensation, this high frequency sensation will attack noise.

Now the standard for environmental noise is a day-free 70dB (a), so in the hydraulic machine operation process, paying special attention to sound insulation and adjusting the noise of the machine equipment itself. Hydraulic electric pump noise is a major problem in the factory's production, so the factory thus strikes whether the amount of decibels its noise arrives at the required standards, and it is more important to detect the hydraulic machine, and the effect of high pressure To make the shaft, housing, dispenser, tractor, hydraulic pump, etc.