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Choose Hydraulic Oil Precautions

Hydraulic Station Select Hydraulic Oil Precautions:
1, hydraulic oil compression
The compressibility of hydraulic stations requires hydraulic oil as small as possible.

2, hydraulic oil stability
The hydraulic station hopes that the oil has an antioxidant and hydrolyzate stability to extend the life of the hydraulic oil.

3, hydraulic oil lubricity
The lubrication effect of hydraulic oil on its start-up performance characteristics is great.

4, hydraulic oil defoaming
The hydraulic station requires the bubbles and bubbles produced by hydraulic oil to be as small as possible, and disappeared is fast.

5, hydraulic oil rust resistance and corrosion resistance
Under the action of water and air, rust and corrosion of the metal surface of the hydraulic element. The particles produced by rust and corrosion will circulate in the hydraulic station, causing the wear of the moving surface to cause the hydraulic station to malfunction. Therefore, the hydraulic oil is required to have strong rust resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the metal surface is not rust and does not corrode.