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The classification of the hose fitting

Composition of hose fitting such as end straight joint, straight joint, tee joint, elbow, joint with movable nut, hinged joint, plug and transition joint: front snap ring, rear snap ring and nut

Materials commonly used are stainless steel and carbon steel, metric, American and British thread standards

(hose fitting)NPT, Pt and G are pipe threads. NPT is the abbreviation of national (American) pipe thread, which belongs to the 60 degree taper pipe thread of American Standard and is used in North America. For national standards, please refer to GB / t12716-1991pt is the abbreviation of pipe thread and 55 degree sealed taper pipe thread. It belongs to the Wyeth thread family and is mostly used in Europe and Commonwealth countries. It is commonly used in water and gas pipe industry, The taper is specified as 1:16. Refer to GB / t7306-2000 for national standards

(hose fitting)G is a 55 degree non threaded sealed pipe thread, belonging to Wyeth thread family. The mark g represents cylindrical thread. Refer to GB / t7307-200 for national standards. In addition, 1 / 4, 1 / 2 and 1 / 8 marks in threads refer to the diameter of thread size, in inches. Insiders usually call thread size in minutes, one inch is equal to 8 minutes, 1 / 4 inch is 2 minutes, and so on. G is the general name of pipe thread (Guan), The division of 55 and 60 degrees is functional, commonly known as tube circle. That is, the thread is machined from a cylindrical surface. ZG is commonly known as pipe cone, that is, the thread is processed from a circular conical surface, which is the case for general water pipe joints. The old domestic thread mark is RC, and the external thread is R. the metric thread is represented by pitch, and the American British thread is represented by the number of thread teeth per inch, which is their biggest difference. The metric thread is 60 ° equilateral tooth type, and the British thread is 55 ° isosceles tooth type, American thread 60 degrees. Metric screw threads are in metric units, and American British screw threads are in British units. Pipe thread is mainly used for pipe connection. Its internal and external threads are closely matched, including straight pipe and conical pipe. Nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the connected pipe. Obviously, the major diameter of the thread is larger than the nominal diameter. 1 / 4, 1 / 2 and 1 / 8 are the nominal diameters of inch threads, in inches.