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Advantages of Hydraulic Transmission

The hydraulic pump (hydraulic jack) uses the characteristics of hydraulic transmission during use
Compared with other transmissions, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:
(1) The hydraulic transmission can easily realize stepless speed regulation with a wide speed regulation range.
(2) Under the condition of the same power, the hydraulic transmission energy conversion element is smaller and lighter than other transmission elements.
(3) The hydraulic transmission works smoothly, with fast response speed, low impact, and can start, brake and change directions quickly.
(4) Hydraulic transmission can automatically realize overload protection.
(5) The hydraulic transmission system is easy to operate and easy to realize automation.
(6) The components of hydraulic transmission are easy to realize serialization, standardization and generalization, and are easier to design and manufacture.
(7) The hydraulic components can be lubricated by themselves, so the service life is longer.
(8) Hydraulic devices are easier to achieve linear motion than mechanical devices.