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various Hydraulic Valves

Control elements (ie, various hydraulic valves) control and regulate the pressure, flow and direction of the liquid in the hydraulic system. Depending on the control function, the hydraulic valve can be divided into pressure control valves, flow control valves, and direction control valves.
The pressure control valve is also divided into a relief valve (safety valve), a pressure reducing valve, a sequential valve, a pressure relay, and the like, and the flow control valve includes a throttle valve, a regulating valve, a shunt collector valve, and the like, and the direction control valve includes a one-way valve. Liquid-controlled one-way valve, shuttle valve, commutation valve, and the like. Depending on the control mode, the hydraulic valve can be divided into a switching control valve, a value control valve and a proportional control valve.
  The auxiliary element includes a fuel tank, a oil filter, a tubing and a pipe joint, a seal ring, a pressure gauge, an oil level oil level. Hydraulic oil is a working medium transferred in a hydraulic system, with a variety of mineral oil, emulsion and synthetic hydraulic oil, etc.