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Safety gloves for construction applications


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Safety gloves are articles of clothing used to partially or entirely cover the hands—and, to some extent, the arms—to provide protection to the user or otherwise improve operational efficiency (e.g., improving grip or maintaining sanitary conditions) within industrial and commercial applications. Used for applications ranging from chemical processing to electrical equipment handling, manufacturers produce a wide range of gloves made with a variety of synthetic and natural materials—e.g., cotton, rubber, plastic, etc.—and characteristics—e.g., cut, chemical, heat, cold, and abrasion resistance.

Determining which type of glove to use generally depends on the occupational environment, duration of the job, and type of conditions or contaminants associated with the application. Based on these considerations, there are several types of gloves available for industrial and commercial use, including:

Lightweight gloves

Disposable gloves

Chemical and liquid-resistant gloves

Tear, puncture, and cut resistant gloves

Thermal proof gloves

Impact and vibration resistant gloves

Heavy-duty gloves

The following sections provide a brief description of the above-mentioned types of gloves.