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Sump pumps


Sump pumps are a component of a waterproofing system that enables the collection and discharge of water that may accumulate in a low part of a home or building (typically a basement) and enable that water to be safely moved outside of the building to prevent flooding. When the water table rises due to heavy rains saturating the soil, water pressure builds up and may force water to enter a building through foundation cracks.  Without a sump pump to clear the water, the level may rise and flood the low points of the building, causing damage to equipment and items located there.

Sump pumps sit in a well or collection reservoir usually cut into the basement floor. A level switch turns the pump on when the water level in the reservoir begins to build, and the water is then discharged through a system of pipes outside of the building and away from the foundation. This system keeps operating to maintain control over the water and prevent flooding. Most systems include battery back-up capability in the event of a failure of the primary power system.